Sielo, not just a web browser

Sielo has all the functionnalities of a traditionnal web browser, but that's not the end! No more tabs everywhere, browse differently by using tabs spaces!


Do more with tabs spaces

"No more tabs everywhere"

This is the feature that makes Sielo so special. With tabs spaces you can divide your Sielo window into several spaces, as if you had several windows next to each other but still interacting with each others. You can resize your tabs spaces, hide them, mute them... This makes possible, among other things, to have several sessions, for example a session called "social networks", another called "music" and another called "work". Therefore you can hide the "music" tabs space and retrieve it at any time.


Floating buttons

Be more efficient and gain place with floating button

This is another specific feature of Sielo, with it, you can gain space by dematerialising the browser's toolbar. Being a simple mobile button, it gives you access to all the needed controls during your browsing and can adapt itself to your workspace.


Start using Sielo now

A project with the awesome help of Hotaru, LavaPower and Kaktus!


Sielo is free, now and forever. It's a free open-source project started in 2016, with the purpose of improving your web experience

Improved by Contributors

Sielo is open-source. It means people like you can help us with development or design. That way we can all work to improve Sielo every days.


With its powerful theme API, you can change Sielo's entire design with customizable themes. You can also directly control theme's colors


By using the latest version of the Blink engine, Sielo makes possible to browse quickly on the web.

Help Us

There are many ways to help us. You can make a donation, help us improve the source code, or simply share and talk about Sielo to your family and friends.

Update Regularly

I am working night and day to improve Sielo and offer you the best updates as quick as possible.


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